Class 2 Manufacturer Highlight…

Posted February 3rd, 2007 by James Comparato
Categories: Firearms Discussion, NFA Firearms Discussion

Take a look at the cool product that C&S Metall-Werkes in Missouri is producing. (They are still the only developers of suomi drum conversions THAT WORK!) Their new product, the Krinker Plinker, is one of the coolest Ruger 10/22® conversions ever conceived. It is a solid, quality kit. Take your tame, reliable Ruger and turn it into a nifty krink, perfect for plinking, or training. (See Leroy Thompson’s article on it is SAR.) The price is right, and with a high cap mag or drum, this thing is mega-fun!


Welcome all NFA sellers, buyers, collectors to the GunBucket GunBlog!

Posted December 17th, 2006 by James Comparato
Categories: Firearms Discussion, NFA Firearms Discussion

Welcome to the GunBucket::GunBlog. This blog is open to all firearms collectors, enthusiasts, dealers, historians, etc. Your views and knowledge are welcome and our law abiding community welcomes you.

If you are new to a Blog, then here are the basics: the home page of this site is a page where GunBucket will post information and comments to the GunBlog. You must register to comment on the blog. Your comments are welcome and we will not censor them, unless they are vulgar, unprofessional, slandering etc. We will keep a very loose hand on any censorship – as long as you conduct yourselves the way you know you should. We wish for opinions and commentary on subjects relating to firearms, firearm laws, gun industry information etc. – basically anything us gun guys and gals wanna know and debate – post it here for comments and the benefit of others.

Other sections of the site:
We have information about Products in the section called Products. We have NFA information in the section titled NFA. We have information about non-NFA weapons in the section titled Firearms. Forum/WTB/WTS are where you can post items you want, or items to sell and participate in standard forum style discussion. And again, the most important page, the Home Page is where a constant stream of posts about our industry, GunBucket/GunBlog views, views we get from readers etc – are posted. This is intended to be a “stop by frequently” spot to feed your gun mind.

So – welcome again, enjoy the reading/posting – and if needed, check out our goodies.

James / GB,GB